Devotional Sunday: God is With You Every Day

Today’s Devotional Sunday is about Max Lucado’s God is With You Every Day 365-day devotional. This devotional is fairly new to my collection, but I’ve been reading it every day since it was given to me. Let me tell you a little about it!

God is With You Every Day is different than a lot of my other devotionals because it has a more conversational style than I’m used to, but I think that’s a good thing! It’s a refreshing change from the norm.

This devotional will give you a great start to your day and serve as a daily reminder that no matter what you go through, God is present.

“Here’s a reminder for anxious days, lonely days, struggling days; you are not alone. There is One who is always with you, always available, always caring”

You’ll also find prayers and scriptures in this devotional for reflection. Overall, God is With You Every Day is an awesome devotional and I highly recommend that you get a copy. The devotionals are short, sweet and to the point but, most importantly, they are meaningful. If you are looking for a daily reminder of God’s presence, this is the devotional for you!

“He Himself has said, ‘I will never leave you nor foresake you.'” (Hebrews 13:5 NKJV)

I hope that you guys like this review and that you’ll check out God is With You Every Day if you haven’t already! Happy Sunday!