I kissed a guy on the first night. Now he’s the love of my life.

September 3, 2017

I met my boyfriend when I was a senior in college. He was a freshman (I’ll tell you more about that in another post). I had seen him around campus and thought he was pretty cute, but left it at that. In February of 2015, my friends and I went to a party on campus. The music was good and, for the most part, we danced with each other. While I was dancing with my friend, my now-boyfriend grabbed my hand a pulled me over to the wall. Before we started chatting, we danced. My first thought was “wait, this boy is a freshman…but he’s cute!” When the song was over, we asked the typical get-to-know-you questions. “What’s your name?” “How old are you?” etc.  I then proceeded to ask him if he was a freshman. “Yes!” he responded. At this point I was nervous. He was cute but he was only 18 and I was 21. I guess the attraction outweighed my nervousness, because the next thing I knew, we were kissing.

Shortly after, my friends came over and were ready to leave. He wanted me to stay at the party with him, but my friends were not about to leave me with a random! So, we exchanged numbers and I left with my friends.  Later that night, one of my friends and I ended up going to his room. We talked with him and his friend for a while and once we left, he texted me. We went back and forth a few times but then he stopped responding. I figured that would be the end of our correspondence and we would never talk again. Boy was I wrong. I never would have guessed that this random, cute freshman boy would end up being the man I love.

I gave him a really hard time about his age. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was uncomfortable with it at the time; I didn’t want to start liking someone when there was no chance that we could be together. Despite my reservations, he remained persistent. We hung out a lot and texted even more. Lucky for us, I would be coming back the next year to finish graduate school, so we had another school year to get to know each other. The year I came back for grad school, was the year we made it official.

Even though I lived in Maryland and he was in New Jersey, we talked every day over summer break. We stayed connected through Oovoo and Snapchat video (he didn’t have an iPhone at the time, boooooo) as well as texting and talking on the phone. We even met up once to go to Six Flags Great Adventure. We were finally back at school and only a few weeks into the school year, he asked me to be his girlfriend (it already felt like I was) and I happily agreed.

I can honestly say that my boyfriend and I have grown tremendously as a couple. The more I got to know him, the less his age was a factor. He has taught me so much about life and about myself. After meeting him, I have grown in my faith, personality and maturity.  I have also seen him grow as a person (especially his sense of fashion lol). Even though he is younger than I am, he is one of the most mature men I have ever met. He is truly an old soul, in a good way. He’s much more mature than most men twice his age, hands down.

Every day that we are together, our relationship gets better. What I love most about him is that he 100% accepts me for who I am. He has seen me as my most authentic self: bare faced, sick, crying, mad, in my wig cap and with puffy eyes and morning breath… and that’s just a few things! But what’s great is that he lets me see him as his most authentic self too. I never knew that the guy I met at the party would end up being my best friend. We can tell each other our deepest secrets (as well as fart and burp in front of each other, gross, I know) and not be embarrassed about it.

I know that he will always put me first. He protects me at all times and is the perfect gentleman. He holds doors open for me, walks on the curb closest to the street and even opens my car door. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and I can never thank him enough for all the positivity he has added to my life.

When we met three years ago, kissing at the party, I could never imagine all of this. We are a prime example of how love can form in all types of ways. I think we met in a way that would seem like it’d just be a one-night stand, but that was not the case. What started at a party, ended up as, what I hope will be a life-long partnership. I am forever grateful for our relationship and, even more, that I went to that party!

You never know how you might find love. When I prayed for God to send me my perfect match, I didn’t anticipate that I would end up meeting him MY SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. I was on my way out; I never thought that in the second semester of my last year I would end up falling in love with a freshman! But that was my destiny and it is working out wonderfully (he and I will have been together for two years in September. We are looking forward to a million more!)

Try not to limit yourself when it comes to finding that someone. I truly had to step out of my comfort zone in order for my relationship to flourish, and I’m glad I did. Understand that the criteria you have for your “perfect someone” may not be what is destined for you. You should meet people with an open mind, because you never know who you just might fall in love with.

The most unexpected person could be the rock to your roll!

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  • Reply Kelly September 5, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Awww, such a cute story! I feel like it’s so rare that women want to date younger men because men tend to mature much more slowly, lol! So glad it worked out for you! Best wishes to you guys!

  • Reply Cristina September 5, 2017 at 10:00 am

    I think you are pretty right. Neverthless it’s quite hard to be open minded when you’ve been hurt!

  • Reply Megan McEachern September 5, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Awww this is so cute – what a lovely and personal post to share 🙂 xxx

  • Reply Ann September 5, 2017 at 10:08 am

    The beauty of falling inlove! Treasure each other sweetie

  • Reply Kissa M. September 5, 2017 at 10:46 am

    Makes me fall in love all over again. So sweet babe!

  • Reply Stephi September 5, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    I think this is the complete opposite of me and my husband but a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply Allie September 5, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    AWW this is so cute. I totally agree that the age difference seems huge when you’re in college…. especially freshman to senior. BUT as soon as you’re out, it really isn’t even noticeable! I love hearing how people meet and I’m so glad you two have such a good relationship (: such a fun post!

  • Reply Sierra September 5, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Awe thanks for sharing your story with us! I love the message you’ve used to inspire us to be open minded 🙂

  • Reply Kathleen September 5, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    What a lovely post 🙂 Love to read stories like this!

  • Reply Tammy October 14, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    This is a sweet story Rocsi ! Young love is so awesome. Oh by the way, I like your use of the word phenomenal and the rock star reference. I think you have a great blog here!! Back to LOVE: My son was a freshman in college when he started dating a girl who was a senior in college. After one and a half years of being in love, they married, and are AMAZING together. I wrote just a little about them in my blog, I guess under the Family Relationships label, but more pictures under the POEMS by Me label. Nice to meet you in your blog. OK I saw, something about 5′ 10″ and wearing heels… I want to see that article before I leave. (We are a very tall family) Brag alert: and my children are gorgeous: age 21 and 13

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